Talk to us about cystitis (UTI)

Many women experience urinary tract infections (cystitis or bladder infections) and may end up either visiting their GP for antibiotics or suffering in silence.

We can help you feel more comfortable while you recover - come in and see us!

Symptoms - frequent urination, feeling of not completely emptying the bladder, burning at the end of urination, sometimes pain over the pubic bone.

Other signs - cloudy or unpleasant smelling urine, blood in the urine.

There are certain times when the pharmacist will refer you to the doctor - you can discuss this with us in our private room.

What we can do for you - discussion to determine whether a 3 day course of antibiotics is suitable for you.

Suggest over-the-counter (OTC) products.

Give you a comprehensive Self Care card detailing what to do to relieve symptoms of UTI.

What you can do for yourself - drink plenty of water, rest, drink urinary alkalinisers to reduce stinging during urination, talk to our pharmacy staff about other products.

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